Who is Johanna?

My name is Johanna Mandelmond, and I am the creator of Healthy baby sleep. This course will provide you with the magic wand to let your dream of sufficient sleep for yourself and your baby come true.
Being certified and state approved in early childhood education and with over 15 years of experience, I wanted to reveal my secret of having up to 10 babies sleep in one room.
You need to know just for one or maybe two? Even easier.
You will be guided step-by-step through my program, what is supported by pediatricians and doulas.
I am going to provide a lot of background knowledge for you. That makes it easier to understand why learning a proper sleeping process is crucial for a healthy brain and body development. 

You will see, and understand, why it is important to start as soon as possible - already with newborns.
In my program there is no crying involved and I’m explaining why this can even be harmful for your infant.
My knowledge is science based and grew steadily through a lot of years of experience.
I was a young mother and had my daughter with 20 years already. At that time I was studying infant pedagogic to get my degree in early childhood education.
So it was helping me a lot that I could use the just-learned knowledge for my little sweetheart to become a great sleeper. She got to 12h sleep at 4 months old already and had her steady naps of 2h in the morning and 3h in the afternoon until 3 years old and kept the afternoon nap until 5 years of age. 

I am now living in the Caribbean, where me and my hubby supported and volunteered in various places like Haiti, Puerto Rico and Dominica after the devastating Hurricanes the last years. 

It is something I wanted to give back, as not all of us have the opportunity to grow up in safe and healthy conditions.

I enjoy helping others and now decided to do that online, as travels and direct contact got so limited. 

I am delivering the solution to the sleeping problems so many parents experience with their infants and hope to support your family with that as well.

Join the group of happy sleeping parents that enjoy their sweet bundle of joy after learning what is crucial for their well-being with my program.