Course curriculum

With each video file you get instructions and work sheets to download. The amount of time to go through all 5 videos is 1 hour and 40 minutes

  • 1

    Who is

    • Who is Johanna Mandelmond

  • 2

    Sleep explained

    • Sleep explained

  • 3

    Sleep essentials

    • Sleep essentials

  • 4

    How to sooth a fussy baby

    • How to sooth a fussy baby

  • 5

    The nap to sleep secret

    • The nap to sleep secret

Why should you choose my program?

Let's see what are the differences. Compared to other courses out there, with my program you will get:

  • A gentle and loving method vs crying-it-out and leaving your little baby alone to settle

  • A program that starts right form the beginning vs after 6 month, where you are fighting with already accustomed habits

  • A fast solution with changes after 2 - 3 nights vs 2 weeks

  • A healthy solution, taking care of your little ones needs for a thriving development

  • Confidence to follow the given steps, as they are well explained and science based

Start today to get the sleep your family needs for a thriving future.