Your little one is like a timer when it comes to naps?

20 - 30 minutes and that's it?


You did not expect to spend the next year rocking or breastfeeding your baby to sleep?

It doesn't have to be like that. 

With my program you will get proper sleep for you and your child in no time.

Missing sleep is torture!

You wanted to enjoy motherhood and the time with your cute baby? And now you are struggling with even getting a shower, not to ask about your mood? Join hundreds of parents, that followed Johanna's secret and had the great relief of finally getting the sleep desired. The Healthy baby sleep step-by-step program helps you to leave sleep deprivation behind and eventually enjoy a relaxed future with your little treasure.

"A new sleep revolution conquers the nursery"

This gentle method of learning to sleep well - right from the beginning, makes sleep training at a later time redundant.

Why should you choose my program?

Let's see what are the differences. Compared to other courses out there, with my program you will get:

  • A gentle and loving method vs crying-it-out and leaving your little baby alone to settle

  • A program that starts right form the beginning vs after 6 month, where you are fighting with already accustomed habits

  • A fast solution with changes after 2 - 3 nights vs 2 weeks

  • A healthy solution, taking care of your little ones needs for a thriving development

  • Confidence to follow the given steps, as they are well explained and science based


This is what other parents said:

Unbelievable how fast we got more sleep

- Marie -

If I hadn’t experienced that Sofie sleeps better and especially longer when put to bed the way Johanna explains, I wouldn’t believe it yet. But it was so obvious that she had a hard time falling asleep, when she was cranky because of being overtired. As soon as I put her to bed taking care of all recommendations from the program, she fell asleep easy and fast and slept longer in the morning. Healthy baby sleep is so important to us, we love it.

I wish we had known how sleep works with our first child

- Paul -

The nap to sleep transition was the best we’ve ever done with Liam. We had started when he was 3 weeks old and the first time we used the healthy baby sleep tips, he just woke up after 25 minutes and made little noise. That was the first time he did not cry and being wide awake again. My wife soothed him like Johanna had recommended, and his eyes fell shut almost immediately. He slept for three hours straight for his afternoon nap just four days later. I can tell - had we known about the program with Julie, our first girl, we would have had so much more rest during the last years. OMG. Desperate parents in need of more sleep - this is what you need. Especially all working dads out there. I was a wreck for 1 year straight with our first child not sleeping properly at night. So for me as a dad, the program was the best investment we made for our family.

C-Section changed everything

- Megan -

After raising two wild boys already, the third came with a c-section as he had the umbilical cord around his neck. We never had imagined that the difference in birth would make such a difference in the baby. My doula then recommended this course and what should I say. It was a life changer. Phil got fussy and cranky so fast and cried with no obvious reason, but as soon as we understood his needs and could easily satisfy them, he calmed down. Thanks to the course it was easy to make the transition work and improve his sleep time. That worked well and since the sleeping bag with the weight pocket arrived, he is so happy and way calmer than before. He loves it and we do, too. C-Section or not, the healthy baby sleep program is our best gift now for new parents. I sometimes feel sorry for my first two, as they must have felt misunderstood so many times. We gained a lot of knowledge and they profit from the improvements we as parents made thanks to Johanna.

5* as it just works - Happy mommy here ;-)

- Karen -

With our first Myla, we made so many mistakes as we see now. I was feeding her to sleep and she had a hard time to wean of. We had trained her that way. When Olivia was born, we had gone through the video course and knew to go another way this time. Olivia is way more relaxed now and the course made another thing happen as well. While Myla was almost two when she really slept through the night, we are proud to report that Olivia sleeps 12 hours through the night with 5 month old. That gives us so much time on our own. We have a well-rested baby, enough time for her big sister and the confidence to think about another baby. This course was the greatest relief for us. We absolutely recommend the HBS program.

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